How to Pluck your Puppy’s Ears and GREAT home ear treatment for yeast infection!!


Everyone experiences and ear infection some time in your dog’s life.  You can save tons of money if you try are a trick for dispensing your medicine into your dog’s ears. I always suggest a bottle with a point in the cap when using your homemade ear cleaner. I am always available if you would like to chat about ears or problems or questions you may be having with your dog’s or just moral support.

Pluck ears every 9 to 12 weeks any sooner than that and it is it hard to get a hold of the hair to pull it out.

Always use ear powder to aid in the plucking process as ears are oily and the hair will just through your fingers,  just make sure to use a liquid ear cleaner of some kind to clean out the ear powder.

NO NOT USE tweezers to pull it out as if you pinch your dog’s ears he will get sour on having it done and may even nip you. 

If you have a problem with your dog not liking his or her ears done and wanting to nip put a muzzle on them.

Always clean out the ears with ear cleaner NOT WATER  –  NEVER USE WATER DOWN IN THE EARS!!  I squirt the cleaner down in the ears rub it around and I clean it out with a Q-tip just be careful not to go really far down in the ear. 

Remember over time your dog will get not to mind this procedure at all and in fact, I can lay my house dog down in my legs and pluck them while I watch TV.  (it takes a little while to get to that point until then I would still do it up on a table or counter.

I hope this helps you to explain how to pluck ears.  It is not hard and will save you so much in cost from helping you to keep your dog’s ears to keep them from getting a nasty yeast infection.  Without air circulating down in the dog’s ears over time ear wax, moisture and dirt build up will give you that black gooie junk that you may think is ear wax.   When you find or smell that in your dog’s ears you need to make sure you get them on ear drops for the yeast infection.  The best product we have found to use here at the kennel is Momentamax!!  It is only available from your vet but I would get a price from your vet before you purchase it.  Surf the web and find who has it the cheapest and take a copy of the web and add then ask your vet if he will match the price.  Momentamax is expensive but it really works.  We use it in the infected ear or both ears if needed once a day for 7 days and it works wonders.  Hope this helps and hope the video answers your questions.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions I can help with.    I have a correction on my video I said I put the q-tip down in the ear the length of the q-tip.  I meant to say I put it in the ear the length of the cotton on the end of the q-tip.

I have used Boric Acid and Listerine for years and it really works.  It is so cheap it is silly not to use it.  I have used Mometamax in the past but the price will shock you compared to making your own cleaner and yeast treatment.  The big thing I have found it is that you need to make only what you are going to use in a weeks time, then throw it out.  Make a new batch the next time you want to do a general ear cleaning.  We groom our dogs every 30 days all summer and we clean their ears each time.  If we have a dog that comes down with a yeast infection then we will do it for 7 days in a row and that works great for us.  We have also found that if you would ear mites it will also take care of them also.  If you do not throw it out at the end of a week we have found that the Boric Acid will harden and get large flakes and NEVER put that in your dog’s ear.  

Disclaimer this is only what we do in our kennel and the above information is just a suggestion that has worked for us and we are not in any way telling you this is the best or the normal way to clean or treat your yeast infections.    If you are unsure of how to do ears always check with your local vet


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