How to Trim your Dog’s Nails


Nails are something that will ruin hard wood floors, scratch up your leather furniture and ruin the interior of your car doors, not to leave out the snagging or your cloths and scratching you or the kids.  I would like you to also be aware that if you have older people in your family that interact with your puppy or dog they an tear the tissue on an older persons arms which can cause them quite a lot of pay and hard to hear area.

This is a job that no one likes to do including me!  But it is a very important part of having a puppy or an adult dog. Contrary to belief making your dogs toes bleed when trimmed will not make your dog bleed to death!!  If you do not ever cut nails and clip the quick a little to make it turn pink or in the case of super long nails clip, them back short (and yes they will bleed) you will never have nice short nails!  If this is something you do not want to do then make sure when you go to the groomer make sure you state how short you wish the nails to be and make sure they are as short as you ask for when you pick up your dog.  If they are not you should ask them to redo them as grooming is not cheap.   There is no reason to pay for grooming and not have it done correctly!  When doing your own grooming we use a produce called stop bleed there are several brands out there for putting on the nail when you nick the quick.   You will see several different  name for it but it all works the same.  You just take a pinch of if and apply to the nail where you clipped it.  I usually try to nick the quick every other time I time nails to keep them at the length I want them.  The powder is a styptic powder like used to be on a wooden stick that men used to apply to their face when shaving with the old razor blades ( boy that dates me ha ).   As always if you have questions please feel free to call me, please do not email me as I have a hard time keeping up with the number of emails I get during the week.  My cell is 740-670-3971


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