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Gary and Cathy Grandstaff, Owners
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Last Update
March 19, 2019


We carry a few basic items that help you get started with your new puppy. We carry precision crates which are a must when house breaking any puppy.  If you are planning on picking up a crate when you get your puppy please call ahead and we will reserve a crate for you.  We also ship crate nationwide.

Precision 3000 Great Crate 2 door   $59.00   30x19x21

Precision 3000 Single Door Crate   $54.00    30x19x21

Precision 4000 Great Crate 2 door   $68.00   36x23x25

Precision 4000 Single door crate   $54.00   36x23x25

Precision 5000 single door crate   $78.00   42x28x30

Other sizes are available on special order


We carry in stock a 30 ultimate black ex pen which is shown in the video which is great for camping, yard or taking with you to someone elses home when visiting with you puppy  $69.95.  If you are planning on picking up one please let me know at least 10 to 14 days in advance so I can make sure we have them in stock and I will hold it for you until you pick up your puppy. 


Puppy X-pens are available in 4 heights.  We  carry 2 sizes size in stock most of the time.

 30"  $55.00  

36"   $65.00

Fuzzy beds for the crates #11.95 which are machine washable we have black or gray is stock as they hold up the best when using newspaper.   The natural one turned a dirty color and the ink from the newspaper stained them really bad.  The black or the gray do not show the news paper ink over time.

Ear powder for plucking the ears ( a must )  28 grams $8.95  $80 grams $14.95
Liquid ear cleaner $14.95

MediStyp Styptic Powder for trimming names ( stops the bleeding when you nick the quick) $13.95
Puppy food (meat base) $14.00 for 20 lb
Screw on crocks for food and water $9.95 each  blue or clear
Toe nail clippers claw type which we use here in the kennel $9.95  Clear or blue both the same price.

We have used these for several years and the dogs love them. We give them once a day as a morning snack and in the afternoon we usually give all our puppies some all natural freeze dried chicken breast broken up in small pieces.

You will love these they are great to put in your pocket and use as a training treat since they are really small and will not fill up your puppy ( unless you give to many ) but are great when rewarding for potty training or just teaching a new trick.

We carry Parecision Crates in size 30L x 19W x 21H for $54 * We also carry a machine washable fleece bed to fit this crate for $9 each. If you plan on picking up a crate please let us know ahead so we can reserve one for you and make sure our stock is not out we you get here.

Questions on any of our puppies? You can call us at 740-670-3971 or send us an e-mail!.

Gary and Cathy Grandstaff, Owners
12182 Bruce Road, Utica, OH 43080
Email Us!
Registered Miniature and Toy Schnauzers, and Schnoodles