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Box Training

Last Update
March 19, 2019

Box Training

Box Training is something we came up with about 8 years ago and have used this practice for all our puppies before they go to live in their new homes (there are photos shown here with this information). Training this way gives them a safe place to sleep play and also keeps them out of drafts when they do nap, most importunately it gives them a since of security. We have found that puppies that are raised this way do not cry all day for some one to come and get them and when you are done playing with them and put them back in the puppy pen or crate they will either play with the toys provided or run in the box to nap. If the puppy feels insecure or scared during the day or night, they go to the box and curl us on the fuzzy bed inside.

We give each puppy a stuffed toy, which they all play and sleep with. It is funny to watch as during the day most of the toys are out on the papers and by nighttime they have drug them all in the box to sleep with.
Box training does nothing really as far as housebreaking but it mainly meant to give the puppy a since of security and their new owners their sanity so when they go to bed at night the puppy does not stand at the wire door and scream all night for someone to come and get them. We do start the puppies on the command of NO BARK. We do work on crate training a little as far as the no bark command and by the time they leave us they do understand what that means. If I am working in the shop and they are standing barking at me to play and I do not have the time right then I do have them trained to where I can clap my hands and say No BARK and most times 1 time will do it. When you take your new puppy home if you also carry through at your house with a box in your crate and copy what we have done you will have a much easier cross over from our home to yours. We also send home with you one of the stuffed toys that the puppy have been sleeping with so he or she will have a buddy that smells like the rest of the litter.

When buying your crate I highly recommend buying a large crate that will fit the puppy as an adult not just as a puppy. What looks large in the store will not be when you get it home. I have also included some crate sizes and prices on the supply page that we recommend and offer here at the kennel. If we are shipping your puppy to you when you shop at the pet stores take the crate that you think will be the size you want and lay it on the floor (you do not need to open it) take a fuzzy bed the size you are thinking about getting and lay it on the box on one end then set two bowls also on the box and if you can then visualize the puppy in the space left over it does not leave much space left at all. If you have picked a small crate if you work all day and the puppy will be in this crate while you are at work this is why it is important to buy a crate that has enough room to move around and yes potty in at first as when your new puppy is little it will not be able to hold it all day until he or she ages a little, so with out some room to move around your little fur kid will either play in it, lay in it and then your bathing when you get home.

In the course of your crate training remember when you are not directly interacting with your puppy lock the puppy in the crate, do not give the puppy a chance to mil around the house unattended as until you have the puppy house broke he or she will potty on the carpet and you may not find it until the puppy has gone in that spot several times and it makes it harder to house train when the puppy can smell spots on the carpet and think it is ok to go there.

We have also had several clients loose their puppies from accidents because the puppy had free roam of the house. It is so easy for a small puppy to get into trouble and get hurt on things in your house that you would never think of.

This is 2 puppy play pens put together.

Questions on any of our puppies? You can call us at 740-670-3971 or send us an e-mail!.

Gary and Cathy Grandstaff, Owners
12182 Bruce Road, Utica, OH 43080
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