Shammy – Apricot merle miniature poodle

Shammy is a 4.5 year old apricot miniature poodle that is right at 15 to 16 lb.  We purchase her as a puppy along with her sister Roxie who is also a merle.  Shammy is very lady like and absoutley loves to play in the play yard and her favoriate game is keep away!  She will grab and toy or stick what ever she thinks someone else will want and then it is game on.  I have to say I love everything about her except she is not a fan of grooming.  Her sister absolutely loves to be groomed.  I am so greatful to have been able to purchase poodles of this quality as good poodles are hard to find and I love the breeder we found but sadly this was their last litter as they retired and no longer raise poodles.  Our girls are so spoiled and she is one that if I set on the ground she is the first to fly in your lap.  

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