Windy Hill’s Cookie



Cookie is a beautiful Blue merle Moyan size poodle who is 28 to 29 Lb.  Cookies two sisters Maggie and Ruby are also shown on the parents page.  Cookies has not had a litter as we missed her heat cycle last time. Cookie is due back in heat and will be bred this fall 2023.  Cookie is very outgoing and loves to race her sisters in the play yard.  She always loves running and letting all the other dogs chase her and her best place to get away from them is the swimming pool. She is water crazy and waits till I fill it then runs super hard then dives in and slides to the other side and slushes out half the water.  Neither of her sisters is as crazy about water as she is.  She is a great addition to our kennel and is super fun to romp with and they love all the attention you will give them and then come running back for more.  We are really excited to see this first litter she will have this fall.  She is due in heat in July or August 2023



Future Waiting list for Cookies first litter

Brian & Nicole Callaghan




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