Gypsy is a lovely blue merle AKC registered standard poodle

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Gypsy was born here and we still have her mom with us.  Her father was Ruger an absolutely stunning blue merle standard poodle who was about 74 lb.  Her mother is Glory and has been a large part of our kennel for over 4 years.  Gypsy is very soft natured like her mother and is just wonderful to groom and work with.  She is very loving and loves attention and going out for walks and loves to be in the play yard with other dogs.  She gets along really well and is never a bully.  She has had her DNA done and is clear on all accounts.  She is right at 50 lb and 24″ at the shoulder.  She has a lovely soft lush coat with lots of curls.  Gypsy is just a wonderful dog and a pleasure to own.   Her mother and father also had all their DNA testing done also.



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