Anna’s schnoodle puppies that are sold and waiting to go to their new homes!

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The puppies below are sold!


SOLD – This puppy will be living with Lynn Hoffman in FL – Microchip # 7322



SOLD – This puppy will be living with the The Cressler & Miller family in PA  –  Male Microchip 7321








This is the brand of food all our puppies and mother are on while they are here and while the mother is nursing. it is a 30% protein and 20% fat.  Once puppies go home and are weaned from their mother she goes back on Hi-Standard 26% protein and 18% fat.  We free feed all puppies, mom and all our dogs this way.  Free feeding means there is always a bowl of food available whenever they want to eat.  They never get fat nor overeat.  We actually use less food feeding this way.


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