Autumn – Moyan size chocolate merle poodle 30LB

Autumn is a lovely chocolate merle female that is 30 Lb.  She is a moyan size poodle which is a Moyan size poodle that is a cross between a standard poodle and a miniature poodle.  I love this size as they are a great jogging buddies,  frisbee partner, and just a great all-around size dog,  not too big not too small great family size dog.  Autumn is just such a sweet lady and is very excepting of all strangers.  She is a great mom and her kids are lovely and you can go to our YouTube Channel to see her past litter.  We will be breeding her to Chaps who is an stunning miniature schnauzer male that is 23 lb and also can be seen on our parent’s page under gents, where you will find more information about him there.  

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