Autumn’s puppies that are SOLD and waiting to go to their new homes.

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These puppies are sold and waiting to go to their new homes.


This litter is being spayed & neutered on 10/15/19 and can start going home on 10/17/19.  Please note that we get our health certificates on the day they are spayed and neutered.   If we are shipping your puppy that certificate is only good until 8/22.  We are going to be shipping on Friday the 15th  or Saturday the 16th.  If you wait until after the 22 to ship there is a $75 vet fee to go back and have a new certificate issued and the puppy reexamined.   For families taking a fall vacation please note starting on the 1st day of the 10th week I do charge a  boarding fee to keep them as we continue with their training, grooming, and shots, etc.   Please feel free to call me with any questions.
If you are picking up in person please book in as soon as you have a date in mind.  We do pick-ups Monday through Saturday at 11, 1, 3 or 5.  No Sunday hours, please!
If you have a dog please do not bring it with you as I do not allow outside dogs out on our grass as it is to easy to bring in health issues to the kennel.
When you come to pick up your puppy please do not pet any of the puppies or adults as it runs such a huge chance of bringing parvo into us.  Most people do not have any idea how contagious it is and it can come in on your shoes, hands or clothing.  Once we hand you your puppy we can not put it back in with its littermates, but we do provide x-pen for it to play in while we go over all your information in your puppy pick up packet. 




SOLD – This puppy will be living in IL with David Zahn – Female Dark Chocolate Microchip # 7302



SOLD – This puppy will be living in OH with Alice Todd  Microchip # 7306






SOLD  –  She will be living in OH with Apryl and her family – Microchip # 7309 Chocolate Merle Female – 




SOLD – This puppy will be living in OH with Stephanie Kaelin – Microchip # 7305





SOLD – This puppy will be living in OH with The Rusnak Family – Microchip # 7304




SOLD – He will be living in OH with the Weatherholt family – Microchip # 7301 Male 




SOLD – He will be living in OH with Gina Angelone – Microchip # 7500  Male Chocolate Merle $1500 should be in the 19 to 28 Lb range



SOLD – This puppy will be living with John Davison in PA – Microchip # 7303  Female Party Merle 

This is the brand of food all our puppies and mother are on while they are here and while the mother is nursing. it is a 30% protein and 20% fat.  Once puppies go home and are weaned from their mother she goes back on Hi-Standard 26% protein and 18% fat.  We free feed all puppies, mom and all our dogs this way.  Free feeding means there is always a bowl of food available whenever they want to eat.  They never get fat nor overeat.  We actually use less food feeding this way.


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