Charm & ziggy expected in heat in February – Will breed for miniature Schnoodles


Charm is such a fun gal!  She was raised here from 9 weeks old on and has really fit in so well with our gang!  Charm is a White chocolate and has 1 Blue eye, 1 green eye and a chocolate nose which in these photos does look black but it is really not black it is solid chocolate.  She is all white when her hair grows back out but she has colored patches of skin that show she she has a short groom.  She is NOT a merle.  I am going to find her 12 weeks old photos and post them on this site also in her rolling photos.  We will not be breeding her until 2022 and we are planning on breeding her to Tiger if all goes as planned.  I love her personality and we are excited to  see her litter in the spring.


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