We carry crates, screw on bowls and crate dog beds


This is a great addition for your puppy equipment and a great lifesaver if you have a job that takes you out of your home for more hours than you would like.  We are not able to ship this but if you are coming here to pick up your puppy we do keep a couple in stock most of the time but if you are wanting to pick on up when you are here to get your puppy please check with me about 2 weeks before pick up time and if we are out of stock I will make sure we have them back in stock before you come.  If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 740-670-3971 or drop me an email.  Price for the tray is $89.95,  X-pen and crate prices and sizes are shown below

Single Door Crate   $54.00    30x19x21

Double Door Crate    $59.00   30x19x21

Great Crate 2 door   $68.00   36x23x25

Single door crate   $59.00   36x23x25

single door crate  SALE   42x28x30   $50

30″ tall x-pen – $ 69.95

36″ tall x-pen – $ 73.95

42″ tall x-pen – $ 79.00

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