Daisy Has Moyan size poodles – Chocolates and Merles 10 in litter born 3/24/2021



This litter was born on 3/24/21

5 chocolate males available 

1 blue merle  male – SOLD

2 chocolate merle females –  available

1 solid chocolate female – available

This litter belongs to our secretary Lacy Wolford.  We bred her female Daisy who is a black standard poodle to our male Oakley who is a 28 Lb Moyan.  You can see both below.  PLEASE call Lacy at 740-755-9597 to find out information on this litter as they are at their home.  This litter should range 38 to 48 lb range.  They will be so spoiled as she has 5 kids that are going to spoil them rotten!    This is Daisy and Oakely’s second litter and you can find out all the information and prices you need from Lacy.


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