Ear Cleaning Information

Do you have a yeast infection in your puppies ears?? I have many people call or email me about problems with the dogs ears due to the fact most times that they do not keep them plucked and cleaned and end up with a yeast infection.

This is the recipe we use here in the kennel. 8 oz Listerine the original kind no (flavoring) 1 tablespoon Boric Acid. I mix mine up in a bottle like you mix hair dye up in as it has a nice tiny pointed spout which is great for putting it in the ear with. Make sure that you shake it up if it has sit for a long time and check to see that is it not getting crystals in it. If it is crystallized & old just make a new batch. If you only have 1 dog and only use it every 5 to 7 weeks when you pluck his or her ears then make a 1/2 batch 4oz of Listerine and 1 1/2 teaspoons boric acid. The best place to buy the Boric Acid is a dollar store, dollar general etc my 1 lb bottle was $2 but that was 3 years ago it may have gone up a litter but I doubt that much.   You may also try your local pharmacy as they usually carry it also. Yes Boric Acid is also used for ant and roach killer which seems funny to put it in an ear cleaner but boric acid has many uses. I sell a commercial ear cleaner here in the shop and the first ingredient is boric acid. If we get a yeast infection we use it each day here for 6 days to just flush out the ear and most times it will take care of the problem but you still may need an antibiotic. But as always if you can not see an improvement in a few days then I would see the vet as you may need an antibiotic or have other issues with the ear. Hope this helps. 
Now if you are totally freaked out about the roach killing aspect here is a link that will show you many uses for Boric Acid.

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