Feeding your new puppy


The feeding schedule for your new puppy!  This is not FOR TOY SIZE puppies PLEASE see the link for feeding your TOY SIZE PUPPIES


When your puppy arrives at your home he will NOT know what a feeding schedule is. We feed all our dogs and puppies on a free choice schedule. That basically means they have food in front of them 24 – 7 we do not limit the amount of food they eat. When fed this way they only eat when hungry and they never overeat or get fat. 

 We suggest that when you get your puppy home you do NOT chance this schedule for about 10 to 14 days. Give the puppy a chance to settle in as it has so many changes in life from leaving our home and his or her siblings to maybe an airplane ride etc. (you get the idea lots of changes in a short amount of time). So give the puppy and break and wait to change the feeding schedule at least a few days. 

OK, now if you have decided to change to a schedule and if your puppy is not 5 lb you will want to make that a 3 times a day schedule.  Lets start in the morning at whatever time you want to make his or her normal feeding.  When you put your bowl of dry kibble down you will limit the time to whatever the puppy will eat in a 15 minute time period.  After the 15 minutes take the food away. Later in the day like 4 to 6 pm or mid day if you are on a 3 times a day scheduled offer the bowl of food to the puppy again, also for 15 minutes only.  If you are doing the 2 times a day then do that when ever it fits your schedule.

DO NOT BE SURPRISED if the puppy does not really eat very much as it has no idea why that food is being put down and taken away in 15 minutes, so it may take a couple of days for the puppy to realize that it needs to eat when the food is put down for it to eat.  just remember you can always do free choice for the entire life of the dog.  Don’t worry or give a lot of snacks in between the meals until the puppy has learned that when the food is put down it should eat. When you get your puppy house broke and OK you may think the puppy is broke in 4 weeks( but for those that have raised a house pet before we know that you are the one that is house broke not the puppy ha) from when you get it but until it is 6 to 8 months old you really can not trust the puppy to be house broke. Once it is house broke if you would like to go back to feeding free choice you can. It is only important to limit the times each day that the puppy eats while it is young so you can regulate when it goes to the bathroom, and by feeding on a schedule the puppy will have a bowel movement usually 5 to 15 minutes after eating a meal. I hope this helps if you have any questions please feel free to contact us with any feeding questions you may have. 

The above is how we feed our dogs and how we feed when housebreaking. This is only a suggestion you can talk to your vet and get some other ideas and then decide what is best for your family and pet.  Yes you CAN house break you  puppy on a free choice feeding schedule you do not have to do a schedule at all.


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