Getting Ready for your Puppy to Come Home

OK so you have decided to take the plunge and add a new fur kid to your family. Here are some things that my help you in preparation for the arrival of your new puppy! Below are 2 photos of our kennel area in our home where we keep the puppies with us to train NO bark, NO bite and NO lick. It also gets them used to lots of things they would not be exposed to if left in our kennel with their mother till the time to go home. They spend almost 2 weeks with us and it makes a huge difference in your puppy before you take it home.


*** Most important ** please make sure that you have set up your vet appointment so that you get your puppy in to be puppy checked so that you know you new fur kid is healthy and ready for his or her new job helping to raise your family!

1. Puppy wire crate (much better than the plastic ones) we recommend Precisions crates, which come in a single door or a 2-door style. There are photos on our site of the single door style which most people use, but we do carry both. We recommend one at least 30″ long x 19″wide x 22″ tall. We do carry this size here in stock at all times. Our prices can be seen on the insturctional video section or you can call or email for prices. We really recommend shopping your pet store to compare prices! If you do decide to purchase a crate from us we really suggest letting us know about a week or 2 before date you wish to pick up your puppy and we will put your name on one as when a litter goes home and most of them are being picked up in person we do run out sometimes and I order on Fridays and get them in then on that next Monday.

2. Food and water bowls (we do send you home with 5 lbs of the food your new puppy has been eating) * we also carry 2 sizes that attach to the wire crate and cannot be tipped or pulled around the crate. Both sizes come in clear or blue and are dishwasher safe.

3. A couple of beds for the crate that are machine washable are nice to have. It does not have to be large just a small on is fine and that allows you to put a newspaper in the other end for the puppy to potty on if you are not around to let he or she out.

4. A good supply of newspapers for the bottom of your crate

5. Paper towels and a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% white vinegar, which makes a great and inexpensive cleaner.

6. Storage container for dry food with a lid that seals and keeps food fresh

7. Baby gates to keep puppy from going into rooms you do not want he or she in.

9. Pooper scooper for the yard. It is also nice to have disposable bags especially if you live in town and will be walking you puppy around the block to pick up the puppy poop with when your dogs places a deposit in someone else’s yard. They make some neat belt clips that hold 10 50 15 small bags. I hate it when I walk my dog in town and there are messes along the sidewalk and even worse on the walk.

10. Nail trimmers and stop bleed, which are available in small container at all, pet stores. Nails will need to be trimmed every

weeks or so when puppy is young. If you are picking up your puppy in person I do like to show you how to trim nails as there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

12. Bottle of Liquid ear cleaner and container of ear powder which is available at all pet stores. Schnoodles & schnauzers need their ears cleaned and the hair plucked out of the ear canal every couple of months and we also show you how to do that while you are here. Keeping the hair out of the ears let the air circulate down in the canal and helps avoid ear infections.

13. Floor cleaner for those accidents that will happen. You can buy the expensive stuff such as Natures Miracle and I would get the gallon size or you can make your own out of white vinegar and water mixed 50/50. The vinegar kills the bacteria in the urine and keeps the puppy from going back to that same spot to make another mess, both work well you will just have to try different things to see which you like. A spray bottle works really well to keep it in also.

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