Maestro – 6 Lb Toy Blue Merle Male Poodle

Maestro is just 1 of our little males.  He is a toy poodle and is 6 Lb soaking wet!  He is so much fun and all our little boys share the same play yard.  Yes all 5 of our small breeding males play together and get along like little champions.  They are so much fun when we turn them all out they all run to us to be picked up then it is off for the day out to their play yard.  Maestro loves chasing our bigger girls and his little legs go 90 mile an hour to try to keep up with them.  They are not able to be in with the big dogs but they share a 6 foot fence between them so they think they are chasing them.  I love it as they run all afternoon and it is great exercise for them.  Maestro can to us at a little time guy and is still a little tiny guy.  He is such love and we are excited to use his this year for some toy size schnoodles when bred with our 8 to 10 Lb schnauzers.  


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