Marley is a Blue Merle Moyan size poodle and is 27 Lb


Marley is a blue merle moyan poodle and is a full sister to Libby and Ridley.   Moyan size means smaller than a standard but larger than a miniature poodle.   All 3 girls were born here and you can see their mother Gypsy down at the bottom of this page.  Marley is a special girl when she was a very young puppy she was my shadow and has always had a special place in my heart.  She is the smallest of the 3 sisters and is just a dream to groom and she is just as crazy about water and pools as her sisters!!  We are so excited to see  their first litters of Schnoodles this next year in 2021 Schnoodles 





Gypsy, the girl’s mother

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