Mimi Blue Merle Goldendoodle



Mimi is such a wonderful gal.  She is loving and such a clown.  I have just loved her happy spirit since she came to us last winter from my nephew.  She loves to be loved and is a super dog.  She is such a love and my hop ornament.  She goes everywhere I go outside and never leaves me.  If you set down she believes she belongs on your lap.  Mimi is right at 42 lb and has a lovely soft curly coat.  We have never had a Goldendoodles and I just love her.  She was bred when we brought her to our kennel and had been bred before I got her.  She had a lovely litter of large standard Goldendoodles and was a super good mother.    She raised a beautiful litter of larger doodles and we plan on breeding her this fall for mini Goldendoodles.



Mimi’s photos


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