MiMi Has litter of Goldendoodles born 4/8/2020 – Mid to large Goldendoodles 45 to 65 lb

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Puppies in this litter are $1650, deposits for all our puppies are $300

See information at the bottom of this page to see what comes with each puppy in this litter


I know this is NOT a litter of Schnoodles but my problem is I only raise about 1 litter a year of Golden-doodles every year and this seemed like the best place to post her.  Mimi is a F1B 45 lb Goldendoodle and expecting a litter of F2 (double doodles.)  Mimi was bred to Hershey my nephews 75 lb Goldendoodle.  Hershey is such a doll he is just a big love.  He has to famous doodle personality and just wants to please and be loved by everyone.   I have photos of Hershey & Mimi at the bottom of this page.  I purchased Mimi from my nephew about a month ago after she was bred.  She is such a love and my hip ornament.  She goes everywhere I go outside and never leaves me  If you set down she believes she belongs in your lap.  It does not matter if she does not know you,  she is your best friend the minute she meets you.  I just love it that she was housebroken and all the hard work was over.  I am hoping to make her my house dog after she weans this litter.  She has 7 fur kids and I will post a photo of each of her kids by Monday the 13th.  I want to make sure that she does not lay on one.




SOLD – This puppy will be living with Brad Scheetz – Blue Merle Male – Natural tail & dewclaws taken off – Microchip # 0498




SOLD – This puppy will be living with Kelsie Fike – Fancy Chocolate Merle Female – Natural tail & dewclaws removed – Microchip # 0494





SOLD – This puppy is sold and will be living with Linda Bebout – Chocolate Male – Natural tail & dewclaws removed – Microchip # 0495




SOLD – This puppy will be living with Katie Gross- Chocolate Male – Natural rail & dewclaws taken off – Microchip #049 




SOLD – This puppy will be living with Rachel Scheetz and her family – Fancy Blue merle male – Natural tail & dewclaws removed – Microchip # 0497






We are now required to collect sales tax on each puppy that is sold and picked up here.  If we are shipping there is no sales tax required.  Sales tax for Licking county Ohio is 7.25% of the total purchase price of each puppy.  Sales tax is calculated on the purchase price of the puppy.  
    • Puppies in this litter are $1650, deposits for all our puppies are $300    If paying with PayPal or Credit card there is a 4% fee

    • Puppies in this litter will be spayed or neutered before going home at 8 weeks old.  This is done by laser and is included in the price of the puppy.

    • Puppies are sold with natural ears we do not crop ears.

    • Our Guarantee states that your need puppy needs to be seen by a licensed vet within the first 3 days of going home to make your contract valid, this way you know your puppy is healthy.  Please be sure to get that book with your vet at the time you schedule your pick up or ship day with us.

    • Tails and dewclaws are done at 4 days old

    • Full 2-year written total genetic guarantee

    • Puppies leave us with age-appropriate shots and wormings along with a full health record for your veterinarian.

    • All projected sizes of puppies are just that projected.  We try to gauge sizes that these parents usually produce but in the end Mother Nature will have the final say.

    • When you come to pick up your puppy any questions that were not answered on the video’s we send you before it is time to pick up your puppy, please jot them down and bring those with you and we will be more than glad to help you with any questions you may still have.  

    •  Puppies leave us with pig ear, bell training bell, a stuffed toy that the whole litter has been playing with so they have a sent toy to take home with them. 

    •  Take a photo tour on our about us page at the top of the site next to the home page.


You can see a video tour of our kennels on the about us link at the top of the web site next to the home link.  You will find them at the bottom of that page under the information section.



Mimi Blue Merle Goldendoodle 45 lb


Hershey 75 lb chocolate Goldendoodle












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