Buffy’s Miniature Schnoodles expected 7/1/19 Buffy and Turbo are expecting

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This upcoming litter will be in the 16 to 22 lb range.  We are taking names for the waiting list.  See List Below

Buffy is just a great dog that is so loved by all of us here.  She is a perfect size, 16.5 ” tall and 19 lb.  She is not white but more of a light buff color.  This is going to be her first litter.  She was raised here from birth and we are so excited to see this couples new fur kids which we are expecting about 7/1.  Buffy is a dog that her personality let her gets along with everyone here and has a blast playing in the play yard with everyone.  She is not a fan of the pool in the summer but loves to weave in and out of the forsythia bushes and play tag.  She is great to groom and loves to have us sit down in the yard and climb in our lap and stay there as long as you will let her.   She is bred to Turbo who is shown below.

Puppies in this upcoming litter are $1350   

We are taking names and deposit to hold your spot for this upcoming July litter.  Deposit is $300 if done by personal check or if doing it PayPal it would be $312 as there is 4 % for PayPal.  You also can call me with a credit card but there is also a 4% fee for cards also.   Once the liter is born picks of this litter are given in the order you are on the list.   Once they are born I will contact everyone once I post the photos of each puppy at their time picks of the litter will start.  If there is nothing in the litter you are looking for then I just return your deposit or you can move your deposit to another litter we may be expecting.  

Pick # 1.  Masson Bayne

Pick # 2 

Pick # 3

Pick # 4

Pick # 5 

Pick # 6

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