Our super loved Schnoodle of 14 years

Name of mother of puppy : I can’t remember

We brought home our super cute Schnoodle, Cooper, 14 years ago. (November 2006). W e have been married 17 years and had Cooper for 14 of those years of our marriage. Since we brought Cooper home we have had three kids now ages 12, 9.5 & 8 years old. Cooper has been the absolute best dog. Cooper slept in my daughter’s room when my daughter was 5 years old, for a year after she was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. We called Cooper our non diabetic – diabetic dog. Cooper just always sensed whenever one of us needed her the most. Cooper got cancer and died this December 2020. We are all so sad and miss her so much but feel so blessed to have had the best dog a family could ask for. Thank you Windy Hill Kennel for our beloved pooch and family member. We miss her dearly.

Thanks for the post.  I am sorry to hear of your loss but I am thrilled to know that he was so loved and was a special part of your families lives for so long.  It is always nice to know how loved they were and that they have also loved the family they lived with.  



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