Raven – Toy Size Schnauzer

Raven is a little gal that was born and raised here.  She has grown into such a lady!  She is a super fan of the play yard and she may be small but she runs like gazelle!  She if a super fan of the game of tag and she try’s really hard to out run everyone and dodge into the bushes and loose everyone that is chasing her. Then she darts out almost like to say ha ha you missed me then it is game on again.  Raven is so loving and fights for her space on your lap if you are brave enough to sit on the ground when they are out in the play yard.  It is amazing that  10 to 15 dogs try as hard as they can to hold on to their spot on your lap!  Raven is not pushy and gets along with everyone.  I just love my small schnauzers as they just want to cuddle and would love it if we just carried them all day!!  I hope she passes her personality on to her offspring when she has her first litter.



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