Riley – Salt Pepper Midsize Schnauzer – 16 LB


Riley is just a super inquisitive lady with a personality plus.  She would be the girl if she were human and in school that went out for all the sports she could join!  She try’s to be the fastest in the play yard!  Not to much for getting in the pool but you should see her at tag with  everyone that will play with her.  When we let all the girls out she and the poodles try to see who can out run, out jump and out whit everyone else!!  Riley is a salt and pepper with just a huge lush coat that is such a dream to groom and she loves the bath and a good scrub.  Her sister is Ripley and this Next year in 2023 will be their first litters.    We are so glad and proud of them both and with the personalities and breeding behind them we are expecting some outstanding fur kids from them.  


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