Ruby Sable Merle Moyan poodle 28 Lbs

Ruby is 1 of 4 sisters I raised from Shammy our sable merle poodle.  Ruby’s father was a black & white party 20 lb poodle.  Ruby surpassed her mom and dad in size.  But the funny thing is that her sister are Maggie, Sage and different sizes Cookie and Ruby are both  28 lbs.  We do not have Sage or Cookie on the site yet.  Ruby has a super happy personality and loves to hit the play yard for a huge run with cookie and the bigger dogs.  she runs like the wind and totally enjoys a great game of tag!  She is great to groom and is very outgoing and never misses anything.  We took these photos 3/4/28 as we just gave her a spring hair cut.  

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