Sandy – Miniature Apricot Poodle

Sandy is a miniature Poodle and is right at 18 lb.  Sandy came to live with us from Alabama on Christmas Day along with there to sisters Elsa and Zelda who are both blue merles.  The breeder delivered them to me and showed up on Christmas Day 2021.   They were the nicest family and we are so please to have found their kennel.  They are wonderful dogs and they have been just great!   I could tell they they really took great care of them as they were well mannered and loved us right off the bat just like we had raised them here.  The 3 sisters are just a joy to own and we have had a great time taking new photos of them.  I  have Elsa on the site and Zelda but Zelda’s photos did not turn out well due to lighting so I had to use the ones from  earlier last month but hope to get some nice ones on the list of Zelda later this fall when the leaves turn.  We are super excited to see the first litters from these sisters.  They are such nice poodles and the personalities are just wonderful.   


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