Striker – Miniature Schnauzer HAS BEEN RETIRED

We bred Striker to Dreamer before he left for his forever pet home to with Nemo another one of our retired males.  Dreamer had 6 puppies and we kept 3 of them and my best friend bought the other 2 and the last male was sold to a pet home.  We will be posting his kids on his site later in the early spring of 2021


Striker is a blue merle schnauzer male that was born here and has an outstanding personality and stunning triple coat.   Striker has been and is the heart of our breeding program with all of our poodles except for our merles females, in which with our merle females we use one of our party or solid color males (merle to merle breedings are totally NOT recommended and you should only breed a merle dog to a non-merle dog).   Striker produces stunning puppies with his personality plus and coat that is lush and some with nice curls. Striker is 21 Lb and 16 inches at the shoulder.  I can not express the connection that everyone here at Windy Hill Kennel has with him.  He is the most loving and gentle male that we have ever owned.  If I could afford to have him cloned I would do it in a heart beat.  Striker is the kind of male that comes along so seldom that when you have a male like he is you never want him to grow old but unfortunately as we all know time rolls on.  We do have a youngster coming up in the ranks that next year will start to groom to someday take his place.  

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