Windy Hill Sparrow – Toy Schnauzer Salt & Pepper 6.5 to 7 Lb

Sparrow is a little bundle of fun!  She is 7 lbs soaking wet.  She is loving, happy and loves everyone.  She has a mind of her own and a vocabulary to go with it.  She will actually sit and talk to you when you are not paying any attention to her.  She will yodel and jabber until you respond to her and then she just wiggles all over as she has finally accomplished her task of getting your attention.  She is such a fun quirky little squirt. She is a wonderful size in fact this is the size when I have time and retire that I want.  It is not a size I would recommend for families with young children.  This size is great for families with older children and great for traveling with on a plane as they can easily be carried through the airport.  

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