Windy Hill’s Babbling Brooke – Blue Merle Midsize Schnauzer

We are super excited to have 2 dogs from Strikers last litter before we retired him.  I kept a female who we have named Brooke and a male that we named River.  This pair were born to Striker and Dreamer.  Striker passed his beautiful merle coloring on to both puppies and they are looking like they will be the same size or close to their mother Dreamer.  Brooke is almost 23 lb at 6 months old.  Brooke is just a big chunk of wiggles and kisses.  Brooke has has that same huge mega coat as her dad and mom.  Dreamer Brooks mother was born to Mystery who was a registered standard Schnauzer and Striker was a large miniature Schnauzer.  Brooke will be bred for an early 2022 litter of Schnoodles and we are so excited to have her and River as I wish we could have cloned Striker before we retired him!   Dreamer is also shown on our ladies page and you can read more about her there.  Striker was retired at 8 years old in 2020 and now lives with a wonderful family along with Nemo on of our past breeding males also.  

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