Windy Hill’s Indy


You are probably wondering where the name Indy came from?  Well She came from Indiana!  She is 9 months in these photos. Indy is going to be about 21 to 25 lb when mature.  We will be breeding her to Chaps next spring and we are so excited to see ther  She has been so much from to raise.  From the time she came to us at 10 weeks old she has been so clam and loving that we have been so surprised she never went through the crazy puppy stage.  She just loves to have us just sit down and just love on her.  We are so pleased with her as she is willing to have us do anything with her and is always eager to please.  She is also great with our girls that are 1/2 her size.  She was a perfect choice for our kennel size size and most important is her personality!

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