Windy Hill’s Luna – Blue merle miniature poodle female

Luna is one of our special miniature poodles females.  She is super cool to look at with her one blue eye and one brown eye.  She is a social butterfly and has been with us since birth.  We did not breed her this last year so we are planning on breeding her in 2019.  Luna does not know a stranger and loves all her fur family, and gets along with everyone.  We never have a problem with her in the play area and her favorite thing is to play in the bushes in the play yard.  She is not a water dog,  so once the summer pools come out she is a lay in the shade gal and just chills out.  Water is not her thing.  She is great to groom and bath but is not one for putting on her swimming gear!  Luna is 18 lb and 17″ tall.  We raised her mother and grandmother here and could not be more pleased to still have that bloodline in our kennel.  


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