Windy Hills Midnight Dreamer – Mid Size Black Schnauzer

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Dreamer is a beautiful jet back mid size schnauzer.  Her mother was a standard schnauzer and her father was a miniature size schnauzer.  Dreamer is just exactly what her name says, she is a dream dog. There is nothing bad or judgmental that I can say about her.  She is super affectionate, outgoing, stranger friendly, great to groom and I could go on and on.  I just love this gal and what beautiful puppies she has produced.  Dreamer has such a lovely personality and if great with all our dogs in the kennel.  We have a large play area and she is just great in a group and not a bit of a problem.   We owned her mother and we also go clear back to the grandfather on her fathers side.  Dreamer has produced stunning coated and personality imprinted puppies for us and we could not be more prouder of her and what she as added to our kennel.

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