Windy Hill’s Miss Brandy – Silver Brindle Large Miniature Poodle

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Brandy is a gorgeous brindle large miniature almost that borders on moyan size.  She is 23 lb and 17″ at the shoulder.  We purchased Brandy as a puppy of 7 months old, and she has turned out to just a gem! Brandy is such a happy gal, and I love it when you go to the kennel and she wants you to just hold her paw, and she is always wanting us to pick her up.   She will sit and hold her pay in the air and wave it and when you hold your hands out toward her she will jump up to be picked up.  Brandy is a polite dog and never want to jump up on you unless you offer her to be picked up.   She is a great dog that gets along with others and is super good with everyone in the play yard.  Brandy loves raw bones and I think pig ears are her favorite.  Brandy has always been bred to Striker and this breeding has always produced stunning puppies with outstanding personalities and top quality mega coats that are soft with curls.  We have always been so pleased with this pairs litters, that we will keep them together for any future litters.

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