Windy Hill’s Ridley Chocolate Phantom Moyan size poodle


Ridley is such a gem of a gal.  She is not only  beautiful but she is a happy gal.  When you go out to see them in the morning she looks at you like see want’s to say something!  She is super smart, loves and I mean LOVES water. In the summer she has   a large kiddy pool and she will run and dive in.  When she comes upon the other side she leaps out and runs full force to do it again.  She plays really well with other dogs and is not a bossy dog nor does she ever start an argument with other.   She loves to get out and play with her 2 sisters Marley and Libby in the play yard.  We do not kennel them together and when we turn them out to play they are super excited to get to see each other.  They truly know they are sisters and have a super special bond and you can see it when they are together.   You can see both her sisters on the parents page.  Ridley is just a super dog and we are so blessed to have all 3 of them in our kennel.


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