Windy Hill’s Robin – Toy Schnauzer Salt & Pepper Party 8.5 to 9 Lb

Robin is a full sister to Sparrow who can also be seen on the parents page.  They look almost just alike!  Robin has black in her beard and a full white strip down her face.   Sparrow has an all white beard other than that they are hard to tell apart.  Robin is 8.5 lb and the big sister as sparrow in 6.5 to 7 pounds depending on the time of year.  Robin is so spoiled and just want to be picked up and would love to spend her whole day in your arms or your lap what ever you will take time to do.  She has a wonderful personality and is a social butter fly.  Robin and Sparrow are great dogs for people who want a lap baby, a dog that go very easily on a plane under your seat, or in the front basket of your bike for a ride.  Not a size I would suggest if you have very young kids only because of their size when they are young.  

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