Windy Hill’s Sweet Adele – Large mid size Schnauzer 30 lb

Adele is just precious!  She is such a big lover!!  She loves to crawl in your lap and just have you scratch her back.  Adele is a SOLID 30 lb.  She has a massive coat and is a full sister to Brooke.  We are expecting a litter of Schnauzers from her in late fall 2022.  Adele is just a super gal, she gets along just great with everyone.  She absolutely loves the play yard and she is great with even my litter gals that are only 10 to 15 lb.  Adele is not a fan of water so she just passes it up and heads for the field to run and play take with all the girls that can out run her.  We are soooo looking forward to his upcoming fall litter.


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