Hazel – Wheaten Merle Miniature Schnauzer


Hazel is a wheaten merle and was born here to Chaps and Adele.  Adele was retired after Hazel was born.  Hazel is right at 24 Lb and was bred to Houdini and we expect this litter to be in the 16 to 24 Lb range.  We are so pleased to have her with us and are super proud or her in all ways.  She is great in the play yard with everyone and is not an alpha Schnauzer and gets along great with everyone.  Hazel is somewhat of a rare colored merle as wheatens have not been around a super long time and wheaten merles you hardly ever see.  I love the merles and to have a wheaten merle is just  the icing on the cake!   

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