Purchase Agreement for Puppies Being Picked Up

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DEPOSIT: A deposit in the amount of $400 is required to hold the puppy of your choice (if it is still available) until it is ready to either be picked up or shipped via the airlines. You can do your deposit in several ways. PayPal + 4% deposit would be $416.00 our e-mail address is our account name puppy@windyhillkennel.com, Visa, Master Card, Discover + 4% deposit would be $416.00 or personal check is ok for the deposit. If you pay your balance by PayPal please remember to add 4% to total due. We also accept Zelle payments with no fee and my account # is just my cell # 740-670-3971.    WE DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT. Balance can be paid in full if you are picking up the puppy at the time you come to get the puppy, on all puppies that are being picked up in person are subject to Ohio sales tax which is 7.25% of the purchase price of the puppy. I do not return deposits once the puppy is picked and posted to the sold page. If we are shipping your puppy there is no sales tax required for those being shipped out of state.

The balance on puppies being shipped out of state needs to be paid by the end of the 7th week old, by any means above EXCEPT A personal check, WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT. Just let me know how you want to handle the deposit and I will go in and mark the puppy sold pending arrival of the deposit (if paying by PayPal or charge card we just go in and mark the puppy sold right then and put where the puppy is going and who bought it and move it over to the sold page. We do accept personal checks for deposits only. If you are mailing in the deposit we mark the puppy sold pending arrival of deposit and then when it arrives we go in and mark the puppy sold and move it to the puppies that are sold page of the web site).

We are NOT Shipping at this time due the Covid Shipping is not included in the price of the puppy.  We are now using flight Nanny’s and ground transport for puppies deliveries.  We have been using both of these people for the last year and a half to get your puppy to you safely and quickly.  Please feel free to call them for prices and delivery dates.  I recommend either one of them they are both great!!  Also remember if you would like to fly in and have me meet you at the airport I am always glad to do that also. Our Airport is John Glen International CMH is the airport code.

Flight nanny Dana 1(407)970-2730.             

Ground Transport / or flight Lisa Lowery  1 (614)598-3793

All of our Schnoodle puppies are sold as PET ONLY and are spayed or neutered by laser at 8 weeks old before they go to their new homes. When you considering your choice for a puppy for your family please take your time to choose the color and sex that you are sure you want, as once it is marked sold and moved to the sold page it is your puppy and I do not return deposits. Once they are on the sold page there is no switching to another puppy for a different color or sex or from a different litter. We have the right to refuse a sale of any of our puppies if we feel it is in the best interest of any of our puppy.

Once you complete this form online there is a button at the bottom of this page that once you click it this form will automatically be sent to me.

If the puppy is being picked up at our home please schedule early to be picked up between 8 weeks old up to the end of the 9 the week. If you are unable to pick up by the beginning of the first day of the 10th week there will be a boarding charge of $75 a week starting the first day of the 10th week. Please be sure the puppy you pick is the one you want as there is no refund on deposits after the deposit is in and the puppy you have chosen has been moved to the sold page. This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy that they have chosen.  If you see another litter come up and want to change puppies I do not refund the deposit on the first puppy.  I have read the above, understand and am in agreement with this contract as evidenced by my signature below.

Cathy & Gary Grandstaff 12182 Bruce Rd. Utica, OH 43080 Phone # 740-670-3971  puppy@windyhillkennel.com

Once you fill in the contract just hit the submit tab at the bottom and it will be sent right to my email.

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