To Windy Hill Kennel 


Windy Hill Kennel is located in Utica, Ohio – 35 miles NE of Columbus.

Feel free to browse around our new web site just turned on live 5/10/19  – if you have any questions or would like information on a particular puppy, please or text us as if you send an email it may take a couple of days for us to get to our mail. We try very hard to update photos of our puppies every week and we do keep this site current and make daily changes if the status of a puppy changes.

We have had a schnauzer kennel since 1988 and added Schnoodles to our kennel in the spring of 2000.

We do not sell to pet shops or brokers…. only individual families…. our goal is to produce healthy, happy family pets.

We ship nationwide!  All puppies come with a full 2 year total genetic written health guarantee.

We would like to welcome you to our kennel. Our home and kennel sit on 28 acres, 3 miles outside of Utica, OH which is located 35 miles NE of Columbus, Ohio on state highway 62. Our kids are now grown and out of the nest so our dogs are the only kids or I should say furkids we have at home now. We have 5 grandchildren who play with and puppy approves all our puppies before they go home. We have raised schnauzers since 1988 and try our very best to provide the best quality of puppies to families who we hope will have many, many years of love fun and memories with their puppy. Our puppies are socialized to many new experiences from traveling in a car, air compressors, radios and all the normal sounds of a busy home. We try hard to send home a well-rounded puppy that is outgoing and ready for the big new world. Many of you buy a puppy and it has to be shipped and you never really have any idea where it comes from. We are hoping that this gives you a feel for the care and attention we pay to our dogs. Visitors are always welcome but we do please ask that you call ahead and make sure that someone is here. Our home phone is 740-670-3971


We take a lot of pride in our kennel and our dogs and try to do everything we can to make sure our dogs are happy, outgoing, very people friendly and most of all healthy.  I have been in your shoes this year and purchased 3 new puppies online. The puppies came to me in great condition and I have no problems with any of them BUT I still wonder how they were raised, where they were raised and the conditions that they were raised in. I never got to even see photos of the parents let alone where they were raised, or the conditions of where they were raised as puppies, so I know exactly how you feel from the purchaser’s side.

I cannot stress enough to anyone who is shopping for a new puppy and visiting different web sites on the web to make sure you can see the mothers and fathers to the litters that are offered.  Make sure that your questions are answered with knowledge and confidence in the breed and openness to anything you may ask.  If you are close enough to go and visit the kennel you are interested in making sure that you can visit the kennel see all the dogs that the breeder has and if not BEWARE.  When a breeder tells you that no one can go in their kennel, it is usually because they do not want you to see what conditions their dogs are being kept in and what it looks like where they raise their puppies.   When a breeder tells you that you are not allowed in the area where the dogs are raised because of diseases that you may bring in that is just another excuse to hide their conditions.  We have all clients who come visit us as they enter the kennel walk on a pad at the gate with disinfectant on it,  and again before they enter the building or outside kennel area.  We do ask you to please do NOT PET PUPPIES OR OUR ADULTS.  The reason for this is that you can bring in parvo without even knowing you have been in contact with it.  I do though ask everyone the day they are planning on visiting our kennel not to visit another kennel or pet shop before arriving at our home for their visit with us.  Please make sure to always call ahead and make sure we are here and able to have visitors that day as if we are having puppy pickups also that day we usually do not take visitors.




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