Windy HIll’s Mystic 18 lb Miniature Schnauzer


Mystic îș such a extroidenary lady!  She was born here and we have been working with her ever since she was born.  Her Favoriate thing to do is search the play yard over for anything that she can catch.  She has even been know to chase a field mouse or 2.  She is fantastic to groom and has grown into such a beautiful lady!  She has stellar blue eyes, super lush mega coat and a personality that is just awesome.  Mystic has matured  into a really nice size at 18Lb and we will be breeding her in 2024 for a litter of Miniature Schnauzers.  We are so excited to see her first litter and I have no doubt it will be a gorgeous litter.  Mystic is shown in these photos with her puppy coat still on.  We did not give her a schnauzer cut till end of 2023.  We will have new photos of in the spring of 2024.

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