Windy Hill’s Razzle Dazzle – Toy Schnauzer


 We are super excited to finally be able to post Dazzel on our site as new additions to our kennel.  We raised her from a 9 week old puppy and finally gave her an adult hair cut and OH MY what a beauty!!   We are excited to see her fist litter for us in the upcoming 2022 year.  Dazzle is such a special new addition party of our toy Schnoodle program.   We will be breeding her to one of our toy poodles to produce schnoodles that will range in the 5 to 10 lb range.  That will of course depend on which male we will use but that will be posted on her site on the expected litter page once she is bred.  Dazzle has such a fun personality and just loves to play in the yard with the other toy poodles and schnauzers.  She is such a clown and loves to explore and is a chap at rooting her nose in the dirt.  


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