How to Pluck your Puppy’s Ears

I hope this helps you to explain how to pluck ears.  It is not hard and will save you so much in cost from helping you to keep your dogs ears to keep them from getting an nasty yeast infection.  With out air circulating down in the dogs ears over time ear wax, moisture and dirt bild up will give you that black ucky black gooie junk that you may think is ear wax.   When you find or smell that in your dogs ears you need to make sure you get them on ear drops for the yeast infection.  The best product we have found to use here at the kennel is Momentamax!!  It is only available from your vet but I would get a price from your vet before you purchase it  thenn surf the web and find who has it the cheapest and take a copy of the web add and ask your vet if he will match the price.  Momentamax is expensive but it really works.  You only have to put it in the ears once a day for 7 days and it works wonders.  Hope this helps and hope the video answers your questions.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions I can help with.    I have a correction on my video I said I put the q-tip down in the ear the length of the q-tip.  I ment to say I put it in the ear the length of the cotton on the end of the q-tip.

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