How we Raise and Care for Your Puppy

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All of our puppies are handled, snuggled and are imprinted from birth on with caring human touch and are brought up to trust and care for us as much as we care for them! We hear time and time again how loving & outgoing our fur kids are and I can tell you after 23 years of raising puppies how we treat them and the type of environment they are raised in makes all the difference in the world!!! I have no doubt that we raise and place in loving homes some of the best family additions you will find.

Grandkid tested from  4 to 5 weeks on.

Micro chipped at 1 week old Wormed at 2, 4 & 6 weeks old 
Nails trimmed at 2,4,6 & 7 weeks old 
Started on food at 3 weeks old including cottage cheese (lots of protein and calcium)
Bathed and groomed every week from 3 weeks old right up till the day they go home.

Vet checked and examined at 6 weeks

1. Yes we do ship through the airlines.
2. Yes we have both parents to all our litters.
3. Yes we do tails and dew claws at 3 to  4 days old
4. Yes our puppies come with a written guarantee which is shown in the link at the top of this page
5. Prices are shown under each puppies photo
6. Yes out site is current & updated each day if puppy status has changed
7. We try to update puppy photos each week  as well as try to get a video posted
8. Yes we except pay pal if you want to make your deposit with pay pal go to my account # is just my e-mail address – 
remember to add 4% for the use of this service. Your deposit would be $312 with pay pal
9. We do take Visa-Master Card & Discover but please call the # in as our site is not secure also please add 4% when using your charge card deposit would be $312

 We are always available if for some reason once your puppy is home and you are not able to keep it for any reason we hope you return it to us and we will try to find it an great new home if you are not able to place it with someone else in your family.

We take a lot of pride in our kennel and our dogs and try to do everything we can to make sure our dogs are happy, outgoing, very people friendly and most of all healthy. To read more about our kennel and how we raise our puppies and other useful information please go to the opening page of the website and click on general kennel information. We have just added a new section of photos of our kennel and home for those of you who live out of town and cannot get here in person. I have been in your shoes this year and purchased 3 new puppies on line. The puppies came to me in great condition and I have no problems with any of them BUT I still wonder how they were raised, where they were raised and the conditions that they were raised in. I never got to even see photos of the parents let alone where they were raised, or the conditions of where they were raised as puppies, so I know exactly how you feel from the purchaser’s side. I have posted photos of the inside of our kennel as well as outside photos. Please go to the link on our opening page of our website and click on “visit our home and kennel” to take a photo tour. 

We microchip all our puppies from birth day  to 4 weeks old at no extra charge. If your puppy is lost or stolen this can help to return your dog to you much faster and give proof this is your dog. Along with the microchip we offer a great puppy packet to you with tons of information in it on care grooming and crate training, and a list of places to purchase items during the year you may want and can not find in the pet stores. 

If you are planning on picking up your puppy in person we carry a full line of training cages, puppy playpens for the yard, collars and grooming supplies as well as dog food. We are posting all of our items we stock here on our General kennel information page; the link for that page is on the left side border. We also send home a 5 lb bag of puppy food that the puppy has been on while with us and we HIGHLY recommend you stay with a meat based puppy food and stay away from grocery store pet foods. Also your vet you choose may carry Hills Science Diet but check the bag you may find that is has corn as the first ingredient, if so I would look for another brand. If you are picking up your puppy we do offer 33 lbs of Diamond puppy food for $29 a bag.  We also stock the new taste of the wild all meet dog food for $39 a bag for a 33 lb bag. We purchase our dog food wholesale by the ton so we are able to offer it to you at a much-reduced price over retail price. READ THE BAG if the first ingredients are not meat of some type leave it in the store. You will have a healthier dog in the long run. Cheaper is not better and I hate it when people say, “oh it’s just a dog”. If the first ingredient is corn do not buy it!! Corn is filler and goes right out the back end of the dog. In other words, you will have more by-products in the yard to clean up. 

We really love our puppy shampoo that is super consintrated and totally tearless, we use it here for all our grooming.   We do send you home with a free bottle of our puppy shampoo enough to make 2 gallon when mixed with water.  Puppy tears is concentrated 55 to 1 and contains all natural products and is mild enough to bath you puppy weekly if you like. This shampoo is all natural as well as tearless. We do offer it for sale in 16 oz bottles or 1 gal jugs. Prices are on the General Kennel Information page. ( For all you grandma’s out there it also works GREAT when the grandkis come and you are out of bubble bath.  I have also found that by the time the kids are done playing in all the rich bubbles those disgusting temporary tattoos are mysteriously GONE and the best part is you are not blamed for rubbing them of ha.)

Whether we ship your puppy, or you pick he or she up, we give a written 3day guarantee.   Please set up your vet appointment before you take home yo ur puppy so it is set up so when you get your puppy home you can get right in to the vet of your choice to have the puppy checked so you are assured it is in great shape and healthy. We also a 2 year genetic guarantee in writing against any life threatening genetic defect if you continue your NuVet vitimans. If you do not use NuVet then we only cover the puppy for 1 year.  Our guarantee can be see at the top of this page.  This litter will be wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old. We have added a new wormer for the 6-week dose. We have introduced Drontal to our kennel and love it!  It clears all worms and is good for about 12 weeks. We feel much better with this new wormer as we have our puppies leave us knowing they are clear of worms and not having the new family have to deal with worming when they get home is a nice piece of mind for us. This wormer is a bit pricey but well worth the money, and so much better for the puppy.   We We start our puppies out at 3 weeks old offering them cottage cheese (usually once a day) and since we feed free choice dry meat based puppy food to all our moms from 2 weeks before birth of their litter until all her puppies have been weaned. We also give all our dogs NuVet vitamins and start the puppies on them at about 3 weeks old. The puppies start nibbling, crawling at about the 3-week mark. By offering them food this early helps the mom, so her body does not have to make as much milk and also helps to make nice fat, shiny fur kids. 

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL 740-670-3971 OR TEXT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS on this litter or any other litter we may have or be expecting. 
we do ship nationwide via the airlines. We ship with Delta, Northwest and United airlines for a fee of $350 The shipping price includes your crate, health certificate that all airlines require, and your puppy’s airline ticket . 

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