Peaches & Chaps have 1 male still available – Born 1/2/22 – 17 to 23 LB’s






Puppies in this upcoming litter are $1950 and does include their spay or neutering before going home.  They are also microchipped and come with full 2 year genetic health guarantee. 

Peaches has just been such a wonderful addition to our kennel.  Peaches is an apricot moyan poodle and has great conformation as well as a personality!  Peaches is 18 lb with a lush curly coat and outstanding personality!   I could have not ever though we would be lucky enough to find a complete package with personality that peaches has as well as looks and smarts was a huge bonus.   We Bred her to chaps for this  litter.  You can read more about chaps on the parents page under the gents, and see all his photos at the bottom of this page..




This puppy is SOLD 

He will be living with Ohm Shah # 8830




This puppy is SOLD

Steve & Katherine Weislogel – # 8833


  • Schnoodles 17 to 23 lb in this upcoming litter are $1950. 

  •  Deposits are $400 if paying or Zelle ( my Zelle acct is my cell # 740-670-3971,

  •  $416 if paid by credit card, Venmo or PayPal (there is a 4% fee for credit cards or PayPal).  PayPal account is my email address   


Shipping is not included in the price of the puppy.  We now offer Nanny’s and ground transport for puppies deliveries as well as commercial flight’s through American and Alaska airlines.  We have been using both of these nanny’s for the last year and a half to get your puppy to you safely and quickly.  Please feel free to call them for prices and delivery dates.  I recommend either one of them they are both great!!  Also remember if you would like to fly in by yourself commercial we will be glad to meet you at the airport or you can rent a car and drive out to the kennel which ever would work for you.  We always love having families come in person to pick up but we also know that is not always an option.   Please call me if you have any questions about shipping, picking up or Nanny service.   Our Airport is John Glen International CMH is the airport code.

Flight nanny Dana  (407) 970-2730

Ground or Flight Transport Izzy & Lacy Thorp   I (740)975-8496  or   (740)755-9597     

Ground Transport / or flight Lisa Lowery   (614) 598-3793


    • Puppies are sold with natural ears, tails and dew claws are done at 4 days old!  

    • Spay or Neuter’s are included with this litter and will be done just before they are scheduled to go home.      

    • Full 2-year written total genetic guarantee

    • Puppies leave us with age-appropriate shots and wormings along with a full health record for your veterinarian.

    • All projected sizes of puppies are just that.  We try to gauge sizes that these parents usually produce but in the end Mother Nature will have the final say

    • When you come to pick up your puppy any questions that were not answered on the video’s we send you before it is time to pick up your puppy, please jot them down and bring those with you and we will be more than glad to help you with any questions you may still have.  

    •  Puppies leave us with pig ear or cow toe, bell training bell, a stuffed toy that the whole litter has been playing with so they have a scent toy to take home with them.  

You can see a video tour of our kennels on the about us link at the top of the web site next to the home link.  You will find them at the bottom of that page under the information section.
 Please be sure the puppy you pick is the one you want as there is no refund on deposits after the deposit is in and the puppy you have chosen has been moved to the sold page. This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy that they have chosen.  If you see another litter come up and want to change puppies I do not refund the deposit on the first puppy.  









Peaches Mother to this upcoming litter


Chaps father of this upcoming litter



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