Windy Hill’s Chaps


We are so proud to be able to post Chaps photos.  I am leaving his ears natural and will not be shaving them until he hits about 11 months old.  Right now at 8 months old he is 22 lb.  We are so pleased with his size as I was looking for something really special to replace Striker when we retired him and I think I have truly found the perfect fit.  He will blend nicely with our larger poodles.  He has such a wonderful personality and is just a big love!   Well I truly believe his is the total package.  We are starting a new chapter with him and can not wait!!  Chaps father  was jet black with and had double blue yes but Chaps only has one blue eye.  The spots on he skin is called ticking ( he is not a merle )and does not show once his hair grows out.  I love ticking and it was also something we were looking for and as he grew from a puppy it started showing up so that was our added bonus.  Well will shave his ears at 11 months old as by that time there will be no chance of them standing up.   


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