Windy Hill’s Laramie – Miniature Schnauzer

Laramie is a lovely black and white tri colored Miniature schnauzer.   She is a trim-colored Miniature Schnauzer.  She is such a pretty and sweet girl and is shown in her in the schnauzer cut that we use here the most.  Laramie is great to groom and gets along with most everyone in the kennel. This is like some high schools there are 3 girls here that we never turn out at the some time to play as they always find each other and if we do not play referee they want to start picking on each other.  She just loves to go out in the play yard and chase everyone around( just not her 2 rivals HA ).  She gets along with everyone else and everyone loves her.  She has a great temperament and is never a problem.  Schnauzers are pure terrier and I just happen to have 3, with the I want to be top dog on the play yard so they get to play with everyone else I just never put 3 strong personalities together unless one of us is the playground monitor. 

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