Windy Hill’s Nikki – 9 lb toy schnauzer

Nickey is one of the first Toy Schnauzers we have added to our kennel.  We have 3 other zzz She will be part of our toy schnoodle program that we will be starting the year.  She is such little love!  She is 9 lbs of fun and loves to be held and pampered.  She is a liver Merle or just (chocolate merle as we call this color) and has natural ears and a super nice Mega coat.  We also have had Nicky Embark DNA tested and with her special personality and great conformation we are really looking forward to having her fist litter of toy schnoodles in 2021.   We have 4 new toy poodles that range from 4.5 Lb to 9 Lb and this will be such an exciting new addition to our schnoodles program for 2021.  


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