Windy Hill’s Ziggy – Toy Poodle Chocolate Merle

Ziggy is such a fun guy!  He is not quite a year old yet but he is right at 11 Lb.  Ziggy is AKC registered and has quite a nice pedigree with many champions in it and has ben DNA tested.  Ziggy gets along so well with everyone and I just love his personality.  He is our clown around here and is always playing tricks on the other dogs when they are out in the play yard.  His favorite game is tag and gets everyone involved that is in the yard with him.  He loves to zig zag through the bushes and hence the name Ziggy.  I was so fortunate to to be able to purchase him and so glad to find a breeder that was honest and that raises top quality poodles!    We are excited to have him and even more anxious to see the quality of Schnoodles he produces starting in the winter of 2021.  


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