Windy Hill’s Houdini ** Miniature Schnauzer

We are so excited to have Houdini here with us at Windy Hill Kennel. Houdini was born 6/11/20 and he is has grown into such a beautiful gentleman.  He was raised here from a 8 week old puppy. He is a 16 Lb liver phantom Miniature Schnauzer and is just coming to his first birthday.  He has such a sweet and loving personality and we are excited to be able to add him to our breeding program.  I owned his father and sold him to my best friend Susan Moore who is now raising miniature schnauzers.  Houdini will be the spitting image of his dad when he fully matures.  We are excited to see his future schnoodles he will produce.  He has double blue eyes and a lovely mega coat that I am sure he will pass on to his offspring.  


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